Wohler VIS Camera Trolley

The Wohler VIS Camera Trolley is designed for use in air ducts sized Ø 150 mm and above or 150 x 150 mm, in waste water pipes as well as seamless chimneys. And that guaranteed in combination with every Wohler VIS camera head. A particularly practical aspect: It can be used in combination with customary accessories such as supplementary lighting, the stabilization sleeve and coupling protection sleeve.


  • Positions the camera head perfectly in the pipe
  • Rugged body made of corrosion and acid-resistant stainless steel, but weighs in at just 700 g.
  • Lock rail – The lock rail allows the user to adjust the position of the camera head holding fixture forward and back 3 steps. The camera head can lay fixed on top of the trolley or securely hang below the trolley.
  • Camera head holding fixture – Suitable for all Wohler camera heads (Ø 26 mm, Ø 40 mm, Ø 51 mm) as well as a variety of accessory parts such as supplementary lighting and stabilization sleeve.
  • Adjustable wheel height – The height setting rail facilitates setting the height of the camera trolley to three different heights.
  • Plastic wheels – Ensure optimum movement in round and flat ducts

The best-possible position in the pipe is guaranteed, because the Wohler Camera Trolley offers numerous adjustment options: And they can be set with just one hand. The camera head is securely attached on the trolley or hangs protected below the trolley. That ensures it is possible to set the best-possible clearance between the optics and the pipe walls. What is more it is possible to push the camera trolley forward in any position: Even when it tips to one side, it just keeps on rolling on.